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INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS(INDIA), Only having facility for Rewinding & Re-Pairing of multi Branded A.C/D.C Motors, HT/LT Transformers, Alternators/Generators, Traction motors, Wind mill & turbo Generators, SERVO & Spindle Motors, Re-Winding with Original Specifications, Draw bar & Clamping unit Replacements

Services, Manufactures and Core Activities

  • Manufacturing, Re-Winding / Repairs of AC/DC Motors, DC Traction motors, Brakes, Electrostatic Commutators and Shaft replacement without damaging winding coils, Re-Winding of AC - HT Coils & DC- Pole Coils, Precision dynamic balancing overhauling & repairs.
  • Shaft replacement without damaging rotor / Armature winding.
  • Rebuilding of core stack by staggering, Re-Varnishing or replacement of laminations.
  • Precision Dynamic Balancing For Rotors and Other Rotating Parts
  • Value Additions :
    1. Redesigning for Supply frequency change (60Hz to 50 Hz)
    2. Rotor cage modification using latest technology
    3. Output capacity Up-Gradation of machines
    4. Voltage Up-Gradation
    5. Rewinding /Repairs / Reconditioning of armature & magnet frames of DC Traction Motor
  • Repairs / Rewinding / Reconditioning of Electric machine up-to 2 MW at our Industries
  • Rewinding using Latest Technologies VPI Resin insulation.
  • Rewinding of HT/ LT - Transformers(33KVA/11KVA) & Special Transformers also.
  • Manufacturing of LT Transformers, Servo, Current & Other Special Transformers..
  • Rewinding of HT/ LT A.C. Alternators/ Generators up-to 2000 KVA capacity. Pole coils up-to 1800KVA capacities
  • Repairs / Staggering of Core laminations of stator, Rotators & armature.
  • Mechanical repairs and rewinding of Electro Magnet Brakes.
  • Replacement of Rotors shafts of any size without damaging windings.
  • No load testing Of AC machines & back to back load testing of DC Machines.
  • Dynamic balancing of Armature, Rotor, Shaft, Cooling Fans, Impellors etc.(up-to 1 tons weight, 1.30 mtrs. In diameter).
  • Any other mechanical work related to electric rotating Machines such as Metalizing of shaft, Relining of white metal bearings, Repairs of bearing housings, End-shields, & cooling fans etc.


It is the aim of INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS (INDIA) to provide its clients with a Quality Services. To meet customers needs and expectations, a Quality Assurance system, in line with the ISO quality management standard, has been implemented through the use of a management-led control system. A dynamic approach has been developed in order to meet our client's ever-changing needs and requirements.

The Directors of INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS (INDIA) have the responsibility of ensuring that all staff of the company complies with their instructions regarding Quality Assurance. The documented Quality Assurance system is maintained through the management functions and it is mandatory for all staff to adhere to the agreed procedures and to support the drive for excellence.

The Company employs a management structure which develops authority and responsibility for Quality Assurance, Industrial workplace safety and customer’s satisfaction. There is a dedicated management representative who has responsibility to establish and maintain the documented Quality Assurance and Safety systems and is charged with ensuring its continual improvement.

The management system has established procedures for regular quality audits, which review and report on quality and safety arrangements and recommend action to be taken to prevent Recurrence of a problem, Identifying, where appropriate, any additional resource requirements. A nominated management representative monitors and measures performance against stated objectives and is responsible for ensuring the Company policy is communicated to, and understood by, all staff.

To offer our clients the most efficient Service, Regular reviews of existing standards are undertaken to ensure that the service provided reflects the current expectations of the market.