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INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS (INDIA), having High Quality, latest Technology testing equipments. Provides overhaul and Rewinding, Re-pairing, Servicing for HT TRANSFORMERS and manufacturing of LT TRANSFORMERS.

INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS (INDIA), having Rewinding facility up-to 6.5MV in HT Transformers(33/11KVA),Distribution Transformers, Energy Efficient Transformers, Power -Transformers (Up-to 2000KVA), In LT TRANSFORMERS, we have the capacity up-to 2000KVA.

We are one of the Transformer manufacturing company in India, And we have manufacturing of Current Transformers, Auto Transformers, Servo Transformers, Step-down & Step-up Transformers, and Special application Transformers in any range & Models.

HT transformers are normally used in High voltage laboratory for extra high voltage testing purpose. This transformer is subjected to transient voltages and surges during their normal operation when the insulation under test breaks down. To withstand these impulse voltages, the insulation of transformer is carefully designed.

This High voltage transformer is single phase, core type. This type of transformer is generally oil immersed. Bakelite sheets are used for separating high tension and low tension winding. The high voltage transformers used for HT cable testing purpose are to supply also sufficient electric current and that is why the cooling system of these transformers is very carefully designed. Special cares also to be taken for voltage regulation of transformers.


For insulator testing purposes, the required current is very tiny, but while the insulator breaks down during testing, there would flow huge current through the transformer. To limit this current, a high resistance is connected in series with transformer. As the current required is very less during insulation testing, this high voltage transformer needs not to have high KVA ratings.

Maintenance of Power Transformer

A power transformer is most costly and essential equipment of an electrical transformer. So for getting high performance and long functional life of the transformer, it is desired to perform various maintenance activities. Not only that, a power transformer also requires various maintenance actions including measurement and testing of different parameters of the transformer.

For getting smooth performance from a transformer we have to perform some maintenance actions in regular basis. Some other type of maintenance of transformer we perform as when they are required.

But if one performs regular maintenance properly, he may not have any provision of performing emergency maintenance. The regular checking and maintenance of transformer is also known as condition maintenance. Hence by proper condition maintenance one can avoid emergency and breakdown maintenance. That is why one technical personnel should mainly concentrate on condition maintenance. As 100% condition maintenance causes 0% breakdown of an equipment. There are many different maintenance action, to be performed on a power transformer. Some of them in yearly basis, some of them are monthly basis, some other are quarterly, some are half-yearly basis. These are mainly transformer maintenance action, which to be performed in 3 to 4 years interval.